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For most recent release notes, see module change log in JIRA:

Version 2.0.8

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 2.0.7

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 2.0.6

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 2.0.5

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 2.0.4

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 2.0.3

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 2.0.2

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 2.0.1

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 2.0

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.10.0

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.9.4

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.9.3

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.9.2

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.9.1

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.9.0

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.8.2

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.8.1

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.8.0

Key Summary Status Fix Version/s

Version 1.7.3 (@revision 20615) (JIRA)

Thanks to the contributors for this release: dthomas, kayb, mogoodrich, peichenauer, akanter, ball, jarbaugh

New Features:

  • HTML-111 - Show/Hide extra fields should show additional fields
  • HTML-169 - No error checking on concept ids for answers in htmlform manager
  • HTML-180 - add a drugOrder tag attribute that allows you to pre-specify a default dose

Bug Fixes:

  • HTML-167 - Unable to delete an encounter while viewing an HTML form
  • HTML-116 - Editing a patient while creating a new encounter isn't possible

Version 1.7.2 (@revision 19568) (JIRA)

Thanks to the 9 contributers to this release! (djazayeri, dthomas, kayb, mcunderlik, mogoodrich, mseaton, neumann, peichenauer, slorenz)

New Features:

  • HTML-94 - Create a patient by filling out an HTML Form
  • HTML-145 - new patient tag - referenced metadata should be exported properly when using the Metadata Sharing module
  • HTML-120 - create a DrugOrder tag
  • HTML-142 - the drugOrder tag should allow for explicit listing of discontinue reasons and discontinue reason labels
  • HTML-143 - provider list is too slow to load
  • HTML-118 - Add label/style/translations to submit button
  • HTML-119 - wrap print and discard links in spans so that they can be more easily accessible to form javascript
  • HTML-129 - Add links to all HTML Form Entry pages
  • HTML-161 - Provide access to most recent PatientState of program enrollments for 1.5
  • HTML-162 - the size attribute should be applied to the NumberFieldWidget if present on a value numeric obs
  • HTML-155 - Refactor ShareableHtmlForm and id-to-uuid replacer to use AttributeDescriptors

Bug Fixes:

  • HTML-117 - Htmlform should not clear checkboxes and other inputs with input error
  • HTML-154 - fn.latestObs and fn.earliestObs return opposite values
  • HTML-148 - Date picker widget doesn't appear when clicking on date fields (again)
  • HTML-135 - the following simple htmlform throws error if both fields are edited at the same time
  • HTML-136 - Error exporting an HTML Form with Metadata Sharing module when the form has dependencies within macros
  • HTML-128 - Creating a new HtmlForm fails to correctly set the Encounter Type on the underlying Form
  • HTML-133 - ShareableHTMLForm should be updated to calculate drug dependencies
  • HTML-130 - Form Schema Preview page is not presented well
  • HTML-137 - Preview HTML Form from File doesn't execute jquery
  • HTML-113 - java.lang.NullPointerException in PersonByNameComparator when one of the compared persons is null

Version 1.7.1 (@revision 16751) (JIRA)

New features:

  • HTML-105 - HtmlFormEntry should have the util methods necessary to support data export of htmlform encounters (Ability to do "form data export" of HTML Form sections.)
  • HTML-104 - You should be able to do nested section tags in an htmlform
  • HTML-106 - ObsGroup schema object should be able to contain other ObsGroups


  • HTML-110 - Concepts of type Time cause problems; unable to save form when filling it out (new since OpenMRS 1.7)
  • HTML-82 - obsGroup recognition should consider nested obsGroup hierarchy in XML vs. nested obsGroup hierarchy of obsGroup in enc
  • HTML-83 - obsGroup tags weren't being properly ended: nested obsGroups weren't propertly setting current obs group session properties
  • HTML-81 - nested obsGroups thowing a hibernate error if inner obsGroup doesn't contain any obs

Version (@revision 16340) (JIRA)

This is just a bugfix release.


  • HTML-103 - Cannot export an HTML Form with Metadata Sharing module
  • HTML-102 - Exporting Rwanda Heart Failure DdB from PIH staging server fails
  • Fixed NullPointerException in PersonByNameComparator when there's a person with no name

Version 1.7.0 (@revision 16276) (JIRA)


  • Install the 1.7.0 version of the module
  • On the Administration page, under Manage HTML Forms, choose "Migrate Names and Descriptions"
    • Once you run this migration, you may not go back to an earlier version of HTML Form Entry

New Features and Bugfixes

  • Improved workflow for creating and editing forms
    • HTML-21 Fix workflow of creating a new HTML Form
    • HTML-98 Provide a Starter Form
    • HTML-93 Improve navigation on the htmlform entry management pages
    • HTML-25 Improve display of the HTML Form Entry "Manage HTML Forms" page
    • HTML-22 Remove name column from the htmlformentry_html_form table
    • HTML-20 HTMLforms require unique form id
  • Display historic patient data on a form
    • HTML-96 Allow access to Logic service through HTML Form Entry
    • HTML-97 Allow access to existing Obs data in HTML Form Entry
  • Additional improvements
    • HTML-95 Discard Changes link doesn't work
    • HTML-30 Misleading error with empty form content

Version 1.6.8 (@revision 16009) (JIRA)

  • HTML Forms may now be shared via the Metadata Sharing Module
  • Support for scripting of forms using Javascript (See the Javascript reference in the HTML Reference)
  • Edit and Delete links are now displayed when viewing a form on the encounters tab (HTML-38)
  • encounterProvider tag now behaves intelligently when given no arguments
  • Programs, Locations, and default Provider may now be specified by UUID, which allows forms to be more portable (HTML-63)
  • Support for specifying a limited list of providers (HTML-55)
  • Support obs elements where the user chooses the question, but the answer is fixed, (conceptIds argument to the obs tag) (HTML-16)
  • Bugfixes in handling obs groups (when multiple obs groups on a form have the same questions but different answers) (HTML-78HTML-68)
  • For developers: support for exporting data entered via a particular section of a particular form (HTML-90)

Version 1.6.7 (@revision 15357)

  • Fixed bug when redisplaying forms containing obsgroups (introduced somewhere around version 1.6.4)
  • Improved performance by caching tag handlers
  • Added delete and print links to view-mode pop-up
  • Improved provider widget so that providers are sorted by name

Version 1.6.6 (@revision 14939)

  • Added style="autocomplete" option to obs tag
  • Added includeIf & excludeIf tags

Version 1.6.5 (@revision 14430)

  • Added ability to reference a concept by mapping, or by uuid
  • Added ability to handle nested obsgroups
  • Replaced dojo functionality with jquery
  • Minor bug fixes

Version (@revision 13717)

  • Changed all controllers so that sessionForm=false
  • Minor tweak to assure properly compatibility with HTML Form Designer module
  • Minor layout tweaks

Version 1.6.4

  • Updated so that HTML Forms now have uuids and other BaseOpenmrsMetadata. This will allow Html Forms to work with the sync module.


  • Fixed bug with HTML Form Entry privileges


  • Fixed #2261 - Problem using an obs with the same concept id in two obsgroups on one form
  • Fixed #2262 - encounterProvider defaults broken in OpenMRS 1.6
  • Updated rendering of date/time widgets to be compatible with OpenMRS 1.7

Version 1.6.3

  • Added support for handling observations of types Time and Datetime with appropriate widgets - #2231
  • Fixed bug with setting time using the Time widget
  • Fixed bug with rendering international characters in "Preview HTML Forms from File" on systems when UTF-8 is not set as default in JVM - #2218

Version 1.6.2

  • Significant performance improvement in generating forms
  • Fixed #1993 - HTML Form Entry visible to all users under Administration

Version 1.6.1

  • #2084 - Allow constrained options for numeric and text obs in HTML Form Entry

Version 1.6.0

  • Works with OpenMRS 1.6 (since encounter.provider is now a Person, not a User). Incompatible with version of OpenMRS before 1.6.

Version 1.5.4

  • Backported fix for bug setting time with Time widget

Version 1.5.3

  • Fixed Linux Velocity Errors: Failed to initialize org.apache.velocity.runtime.log.Log4JLogChute (#1953/#1960)

Version 1.5.2

  • Added ability to make encounterProvider default to the currently logged in user (#1925) (credit: Daniel Futerman)

Version 1.5.1

  • Added ability to enroll a patient in a program
  • Added ability to specify encounter time (#1910)


  • Bumped up the version number due to a build error, no code changes occurred


  • Fixed the log4j.xml file that ships with the module so that logs can be viewed in the openmrs admin interface again

Version 1.5.0

  • Exactly like 1.4.0 but it attaches to the new extension point in OpenMRS 1.5.
  • Incompatible with versions of OpenMRS before 1.5.0 RC1

Version 1.4.0

  • You may now edit a form after having entered it.
  • Enable opening a form based on either formId or htmlFormId
  • i18n:
    • translations element so you can localize your form for different languages
    • Fixed #1630 - htmlformentry: international characters not allowed
    • support for date formatting within the velocity lookup tag
    • support for translation of values within the velocity lookup tag
    • localization of boolean obs, location widget, and user widget
    • Support for answerCode/answerCodes in obs elements
  • Widgets and elements:
    • a section tag
    • a repeat element which provides the ability to display a repeating section with different parameters
    • a location widget to enter a locationId in valueText for concepts with text datatype
    • radio button inputs for coded questions
    • Support for answerClasses attribute in obs elements
    • boolean obs elements can have their yes/no text customized
    • encounterLocation and encounterProvider tags now allow default values
    • encounterDatetime is no longer allowed to be in the future
    • coded obs lists are now sorted by display name by default
  • Designing forms:
    • Display a Form Schema that shows concepts and the text that maps to them
    • ability to view an in-progress form during design from a file on the filesystem
    • fix htmlform edit page to ensure that the html form that is displayed in the textbox is first escaped correctly
  • Random:
    • enable opening a form based on either formId or htmlFormId
    • Fixed some inconsistent behavior because of an upstream bug in Concept.equals(Concept)

Version 1.3

  • Fixed #1302 - Html Form Entry module doesn't clear old error messages
  • Fixed #1303 - Html Form Entry module doesn't warn you if you leave out a required encounter metadata component

Version 1.2

  • Exactly like version 1.1 except compiled with Java 1.5 compliance.

Version 1.1

  • If your session expires while entering a long form you are prompted to re-login, instead of losing your work.
  • You may now fill out multiple forms simultaneously in different windows.

Version 1.0

  • Initial alpha release
  • No labels