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The typical workflow when developing HTML forms usually is:

1. Edit the forms in your IDE
2. Copy and paste the content into the HTML forms of the Legacy Administration UI
3. Reload your form to test changes

It is however possible to automatically reload your forms as you edit them:

1. Enable uiframework development mode following the steps at

2. When you access your forms, add "&definitionUiResource=definitionUiResource" to then end of your form so that the new url is:


Definition UI resource would be in the form: "moduleid:htmlforms/checkin.xml" where "moduleid" is the module artifact id as specified in the pom.xml, and the form lives in the directory "omod/src/main/webapp/resources/htmlsforms"

NOTE: This works for both entry of new data and editing of existing forms

Special thanks to Mark Goodrich for the tip