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Git has a relatively easy to use command line interface. However all the major Java IDEs have some support for Git:


  • EGit (available from Eclipse Marketplace)
    • Use this to clone a repository from GitHub and then import as a Maven project.
      • To clone a repository from GitHub:
        • From Eclipse, select File->Import
        • Select Git->Projects From Git
        • Select URI...
        • URI should be in this format: https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-htmlformentry.git
        • Once you've cloned the repository, skip the rest of the import because you want to import this as a Maven project
      • To import as a Maven project:
        • Select File->Import
        • Select Maven->Existing Maven Projects
        • Select the project to import
      • To associate this project with Git:
        • Right click on project and select Team->Share Project
        • Select Git
        • Check "Use or create repository in parent folder of project"
        • If the HOME environmental variable is not set it will give warning:The following directory will be used for GIT user configuration and as a default repository location. If it is your home directory (e.g. C:\Users\Tom) click OK or create the HOME environmental variable pointing to your home directory and restart Eclipse.
  • Maven SCM Connector for Git (available from Eclipse Marketplace)
    • Doesn't create an EGit managed project


  • Support through plugin

IntelliJ IDEA

  • Built-in support for Git and GitHub