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This module runs only on R.A. 2.4 and above.


To install in this module in the Reference Application follow the below given steps:-

  1. Clone the module from here to a local directory.
  2. Build the Module according to the steps given here.
  3. Add the .omod file located in the omod/target directory to your OpenMRS application using the Administration->Manage Modules page.

Using The Module

For now a user interface for adding and removing tags can be found in clinician facing patient dashboard which allows the adding of tags to patients.


Add Tags

Allows you to add a tag to a patient. Prevents adding of duplicate tags to the same patient. The entire application is asynchronous and gets updated right away.

Delete Tags

Allows you to delete an existing tag from a patient.

Search Tags

Clicking a tag redirects to a new page which displays all patients with that tag.


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  1. Can you include that one needs to run this on RA 2.4 and above and how to install the module in the RA?