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The Event-Based Billing Module is used in conjunction with the Billable Objects Module to offer rudimentary support for automatic bill creation in response to objects created in OpenMRS.  For any newly created billable object, this module will automatically call the appropriate billing handler and associate a bill with the billable object.

This module includes a bill associator interface which allows the ability to customize how the automatically-generated billing information is stored (e.g., create a brand new bill, or add items to newest pending bill).



Basic Operation

Once enabled, the module will begin automatically generating line items and bills for any newly created billable object, according to its configuration.

For automatically created bills, the cashier property will be set to the OpenMRS "daemon" user.


The options for the Event-Based Billing Module can be configured on the Event-Based Billing Options screen under Administration, Event-Based Billing Module.  Required options are:

  1. Default Bill Associator: the bill associator implementation defining how line items should be associated with a bill.
  2. Default Cash Point: the default cash point to use if a new bill needs to be created as part of the bill association process.

The automatic bill generating operations of this module can be easily enabled or disabled from the options page by setting the Enable automatic billing option.

To ensure proper functioning of the module, ensure that there is a Provider associated with the daemon user, as this user will be specified as the cashier for automatically generated bills.

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