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Provider/Data Entry


  • Common error messages

               Openmrs troubleshooting

        This guide includes all that you need to run the OpenMRS as an administrator. 

Department Implementer

  • How to design forms

Draft Forms Project

HTML Form Entry Module

  • How to design and add concept

Create and Edit Concepts

  • How to design a report

Designing Reports

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  1. Orders, drugs, programs, graphs, basically all the parts of the dashboard.

    Tips on using each of the form entry modules.

    Mobile users?

    Common error messages.

    Searching for patients (and users, providers, persons, etc)

  2. I'd distinguish between different kinds of users: the provider/data entry user, the implementer user, and the admins.

    For everyone:

    how to login, all the parts of the patient dashboard and patient process

    scenario:  check in the patient for an XYZ visit  (find patient, create encounter with existing form)

    how to run a report

    For implementer users:

    how to design forms

    how to design and add concepts

    how to design a report

    For admins:

    how to create a user account

    how to create and assign roles, and set permissions

    all the parts of an admin dashboard

    routine tasks: backups, sync, etc.

  3. I see there's overlap with the Implementers page.  I'd distinguish between the implementers who set the site up from scratch, and the power users who are trusted to add new forms, concepts, and reports for their departments.