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About Drawing Module

               Physicians have been using hand drawn sketches to document their physical exam findings and link it to their patient's medical record. Drawing Module provides physicians the means to upload or draw patients anatomical outlines/pictures and annotate their comments directly on the picture


  • HTML FormEntry 2.0 or Higher
  • Openmrs 1.9.0 or Higher

Browser Compatibility

  • Google Crome
  • Fire Fox


  1. Download Drawing module from here and upload it into your system .
  2. Create a new concept (You can do this by clicking on Dictionary and Add new Concept)
  3. If there is a class 'Drawing' in the list , set the class of concept to 'Drawing'. if not create a new class  'Drawing' and set the class field of the concept to the same(you can create new class from administration ->Manage Concept Classes )
  4. Set the data type to complex
  5. Set the handler to DrawingHandler

Optional Configuration

The Question Concepts for Drawing can be limited only to a selected Concepts by filling the Global Property drawing.questionConcepts . If the value of  Global Property drawing.questionConcepts is not set then user will be able select the concepts having complex datatype and Drawing class

How To Use Drawing Module

The main object of interest in drawing module is the Drawing Editor. In this editor you can upload images ,paint on it or write text on the image  using the tools provided in the Editor and save them as Observations .You can also make Annotations on the editor just by Double clicking on it .This is how the drawing Editor looks like this

Tools Available In Drawing Editor

  • CURSOR: You can upload an image and move it to the desired location with the help of the cursor.When you upload an image it will be placed on the top left corner of the editor and the cursor tool will be selected automatically.All the other tools will be hidden and only button "Done Moving" will be shown.Once you click Done Moving you won't be able move the image again.As shown in the below figure you can move it to your desired location using the cursor tool



  • PENCIL: You can draw with the help of the pencil tool.You can change the thickness of the pencil using the thickness drop down box and you can change the color with the help of color picker,which is located at the last


  • ERASER: Eraser can be used to erase drawing through pencil or text can use the Thickness dropdown to select the thickness of the eraser. you can even erase the uploaded image with the help of the eraser. 
  • THICKNESS: Can be used to set the thickness of the Pencil or Eraser(Only visible when Pencil or Eraser is selected)                                                         
  • TEXT: This tool can be used to print text into the image.Select the tool and click anywhere on the Editor to get a textarea where you can enter text . As shown below you will get the new tools when you click on the text tool. These can be used to make you text Bold,Italic or can select the font size with the help of font size drop down box.You can change the color of the text with the help of color picker.
    1. BOLD: Makes the text Bold
    2. ITALIC: Makes the text Italic
    3. FONT SIZE: Used to change the font size


  • SHOW/HIDE ANNOTATIONS: This button will toggle the visibility of annotation markers
  • UNDO/REDO: undo/redo the drawing_ _
  • UNDO/REDO RATE: rate at which undo/redo should be done (i.e when clicking on undo/redo depending on the selection it will go back/forward 1 or 3 or 5 or 10 or 20 steps at a time)
  • COLOR PICKER: Can be used to change the color of Text,Pencil Tools.As shown in the below image you can move the circle to select the color you can directly enter the HexaDecimal code of the color to select can even specify the rgb value to select the color 
  • CLEAR CANVAS BUTTON: This is located in the footer of the editor this can be used to clear the editor in a single shot
  • SHOW TEMPLATES: This Button allows to view the templates.All the templates(uploaded and default) can be viewed from here .The list of templates is show on the right and the preview is shown in the left.Clicking on the template will place it on the editor at the left corner.New Templates can be uploaded from the manage templates link under Drawing Module in Administration page
  • CHOOSE FILE: This is located in the footer of the editor this can be used  to Upload Images
  • ANNOTATIONS: Annotations  can be made on the editor by double clicking on the Editor .when you do a double click you will get a marker and a text-area where you can make some notes you can either click save to save the annotation or  click cancel to get rid of the annotation.To view the annotation just click on the marker a  popup will fade in Here you can edit or delete the annotation.

Accessing Drawing Editor

Drawing Editor can be accessed from the following places

  • Patient Dashboard
  • Open Editor link under Drawing Module in Administration page 

To create a complex Obs using Drawing Module you have to provide the patient , question concept which are required(patient is not required in patient dashboard) .The date and encounter are optional fields .Date defaults to the current date if left blank.

You can view the created obs from Administration->Manage Observations link.Type in the patients name and you will be shown all the observations . Select the required observation and you will be directed to the obs page. There you will be provided a link which opens the current observation in a new tab

Uploading New Templates

New Templates can be uploaded and existing templates can be viewed or deleted from Mange Templates link under Drawing Module in Administration page.To upload a new template choose the file enter the name of the template If no name is entered the name of the image will be used as template name.(If you want to add a lot of images just goto the openmrs App Directory and add the images into Drawing Templates folder but be sure to properly name the images)


 To get the Drawing Editor in Html Forms the following tag should be included in the Html Form.Here the questionConceptId should be the id of concept you have created .  You can find the sample Htmlform here .         

                            <drawing id="drawingEditor"  questionConceptId="6109" />



  1. Unknown User (evoeges)

    Lots of good information. Could be organized/formatted a little more clearly. Needs a table of contents.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Ill organize it

  2. I really like this Drawing Module, and I've tested it and it works. The thing is, just recently, I've encountered this problem where the images that are being attached end up getting stored as blank images. I know this because when I view the form, instead of showing the stored image, it just shows a blank canvas. I also checked, "C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Roaming/OpenMRS/complex_obs", and I have .png images with the name, drawingObs_<number>, where the max number is 100. However, majority of the images is blank. I'm using multiple editors in my form (4 to be exact). And yes, the IDs in the drawing tags are unique. Would you know what is causing this error?

    1. Sorry for the delayed response.Can you please file a bug with the exact repro steps so that I can look into it.

  3. Thanks so much for the response! I looked into the Drawing Module Repo, but didn't find the link that would allow me to file a bug report. Did you want me to file the report in the OpenMRS Trunk project? Cheers!

    1. For Now please file the bug report in trunk project and add the link in github. Ill try to the drawing module to JIRA

      1. Thanks! I've just submitted a bug report: If my description, and so on, are unclear, I'd be happy to provide clarifications. You may also get in touch with me at: masarapmabuhay (at) gmail (dot) com. Hooray!