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  1. Unknown User (jblaya)

    To me the user account doesn't have much sense.  I think that user's pages should be split between curious and implementer.

  2. Unknown User (peichenauer)

    Is a "Content Volunteer" necessarily a volunteer? I think "Content Volunteer" should be renamed, maybe "Content contributor".

  3. Unknown User (surangak)

    Speaking from the viewpoint of someone who is new to health informatics, how do we draw a line between OpenMRS specific documentation and health infomatics related stuff ?

    for example, where and how will we say 'We wont discuss this subject, look it up on a health infomatics tutorial'.  

    example : Will we give a detailed explanation of HL7, or will we say 'we recommend that you look at this tutorial'

  4. Unknown User (ayeung)

    Can we include the data models for 1.8 and 1.9 as well (along with Getting started with OpenMRS 1.8 and 1.9)?

  5. Unknown User (jimmyawilder)

    I am new to Open MRS and would like to help with documentation.  I am a member of a group of students in an OSS class  and we have been tasked with contributing to Open MRS through documentation.  We've been looking at issues in JIRA and have tried to claim an issue (TRUNK 2929), but we are unable to determine how to actually work on the issue.  Where can I find instructions or a tutorial to show me how to do get involved?