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Dictionary is a collection of coded, unique concepts used to generate forms and encode data within the system. In our concept dictionary, just about every medical concept we use is defined within the dictionary. This is done in lieu of hard-coding concepts into tables.

For more details about the dictionary follow this link Concept Dictionary

Step by step guide to:
Dictionary search

  1. Log into OpenMRS
  2. Click on the “Dictionary” tab on the top main menu
  3. On the empty field shown begin tying your search keywords for the concep
    1. Find a concept by typing in its name or Id:
      1. Ex. "Anemia"
    2. Result: List of all diagnosis or concepts that match the characters searched in the sequence
        1. Select "Include Retired": The system will provide results that have been marked as outdated.
        2. Select "Show Details": The system will provide quick details for each result

  4. Click on the result that matches your description
  5. System will take you to a new page with a detailed explanation about the concept. 



For further uses you can edit, create or modify all the concepts under the administration tab 

View Concept Dictionary
Manage Concept Drugs
Manage Proposed Concepts
Update Concept Index
Manage Concept Classes
Manage Concept Datatypes
Manage Concept Sources
Manage Concept Stop Word
Manage Reference Terms

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