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These are other project related to the OpenMRS concept dictionary:

OpenMRS Concept Cooperative (OCC) - The OpenMRS Concept Co-op (OCC) is a clearinghouse that manages links between all of the vocabularies of OpenMRS participants. The OCC serves as an important starting point for new projects, looking to get a head start on vocabulary development, and will also serve as the platform for mapping concepts between systems and to standardized vocabularies such as LOINC, ICD-10, SNOMED, and CPT.

Terminology Service Bureau - The Terminology Service Bureau (TSB) accepts concepts proposals, resolves each proposal to a concept, translates the names for the concept into multiple languages, then distributes the updated concept dictionary.

Maternal concept lab - The Maternal Concept Lab exists to unify and amplify efforts to use mobile devices to improve maternal health primarily in resource-poor settings. This site is a resource for organizations looking to utilize mHealth for maternal health, to improve interoperability and component sharing, and to foster experience sharing about building and using such tools.