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This page contains the archive of the Melbourne Hack Night CPM developer community, which was active 2013-2015.


The team in Melbourne are working on the Concept Proposal Module.

Newcomer guide:


Demo instance for our Concept Proposal Module CI OpenMRS installation (Username: admin Password: OpenMRS1) This web environment gets redeployed with the latest changes from each commit

CPM background info: Concept Proposal Client and Server

Demo instance for OpenMRS -

Source repository (SVN) -

Continuous integration status -
Overview of current OpenMRS Modules -
There's also a Youtube channel which have some screen casts on OpenMRS.
OpenMRS licensing:|

Servers and Environments:

Current Progress

We now use Trello for our virtual story wall. You can find us via the Trello OpenMRS Melb community.

Our story wall is listed under "Boards". It is open to the public to view without a log in.

However to update and contribute you will need to create a free Trello account. You can contact the board Admin during our hack nights to get added.


Tickets/stories for main OpenMRS core development is hosted -

Code Location

Source code for the Concept Proposal Module is hosted on github here:

Visit the page for instructions on getting it working.

CI and Environments

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Login details for the test environments:




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