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This tool helps users to manage concepts in a variety of different ways.

Basic overall functionality:

Import SNOMED CT Terms and Mappings: Lets users fill in gaps in their concept dictionary by importing names, ancestors, and relationships using the SNOMED CT official international release.

Concepts With Missing Mappings: A tool for if the users concept dictionary is not using the CIEL concept dictionary, and the user does not have a tool to fill in those mappings to their existing concept dictionary.

Concept Reference Terms: Users can browse through and manage reference terms by a particular source. In the old UI the user can search if the name or code is known but this lets a user sort and browse, page by page, without knowing in advance exactly their looking for.

Choose Concept By Hierarchy: Gives the ability for a user to search for a concept and then traverse up and down through the concept dictionary in a hierarchical view, starting with that concepts parents and children.







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