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This is a temporary file.  It is used to outline the organization of the Documentation/User Guide/Concept Dictionary section on the wiki. This file can be removed when all the content is completed. Striked-out items are completed on the wiki.

Ada & Ellen
October 15, 2010

  1. Concept Dictionary 101
    1. What is a concept?
    2. Definitions
    3. Concept vs. obs
    4. Datatypes and classes
    5. What is a set?
  2. Concept Modeling
    1. Example (i.e. using absence of and presence of)
  3. Manage Concept Dictionary
    1. How to create/edit concepts?
    2. Examples
  4. Best practices (“positive” suggestions)
    1. review form
    2. criteria for adding a concept; look for another
    3. looking in the MVP dictionary
    4. Set the appropriate case (tall, smart or right case)
    5. Useful modules?
    6. Don’t use booleans
  5. Sharing concepts
    1. Pros and Cons of “using” existing concept dictionary from other group
    2. concept mapping
    3. same concept name for two different concept IDs with different datatypes
  6. Advanced topics
    1. Retiring concepts vs voiding obs (examples)
    2. Numeric ranges
    3. Precise numerical value
    4. Adding additional languages
    5. Set members vs. Coded Answers
    6. Explain coded answers are also concepts (Some new implementers thought concepts can be the answers but not necessary understand coded answers are also concepts.)
    7. Importance of NOT changing data type of existing concepts when it’s been used for storing obs.
    8. Examples of when concepts should be retired and things to keep in mind (i.e. updating on forms which use the retired concepts)
    9. Examples of updating database (obs table) and forms when more than one concept id are created for the same thing.
    10. pros and cons of including ranges and precise (for numeric data type) in dictionary and forms. Limitations of having gender/age specific ranges for lab results.
    11. How to decide whether to collect data as obs or person attribute?
    12. Example of obs_group and how they can be extracted in flat table format in output file
    13. Description of each of the table in Concept Domain (in Data Model)
    14. Using concepts for Program/workflow/states
    15. Changing person attribute (ie. type of phone)
  7. Administration (include in the “Administrator” section)
    1. Manage Concept Drugs
    2. Manage Proposed Concepts (update this in the sever which has the concept gold)
    3. Update Concept Words
    4. Manage Concept Sets
    5. Manage Concept Classes
    6. Manage Concept Datatypes
    7. Manage Concept Sources
  8. Troubleshooting concept management
    1. changing mysql parameters when sourcing mvp dictionary
    2. look for error when userid (creator/changed by) doesn’t exist
    3. UTF8 - 
  9. Experts corner (aka FAQ) Where to go for help, implementers list, scripts
  10. Wish List (What’s missing? Open OpenMRS tickets and vote often)
    1. prohibit duplicates
  11. Add “concept dictionary” tag to all related modules (for easy search)