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Release Notes


New features:

  • CSM-118 [Replace SessionFactory with DbSessionFactory]
  • CSM-125 [Create Bookmark Rest resource]
  • CSM-126 [Create Preference Rest Resource]


  • CSM-120 [Fix NPE throughout the code]



  • CSM-66 [Refactor Chart Search Module's code]
  • CSM-67 [Refactor GeneratingJson class]



Resolved bug:

  • CSM-117 [Uncaught ReferenceError: preferences is not defined]



New features:

  • CSM-113 [Supporting Feedback reception]
  • CSM-110 [Supporting Multiple filtering]
  • CSM-95 [Supporting preferences]
  • CSM-82 [Supporting indexing and Searching patient appointments]
  • CSM-80 [Supporting custom time results filtering]
  • CSM-108 [Provided filter categories for both Allergies and Appointments]
  • CSM-92 [Supporting disabling and enabling duplicate Results inclusion]

Resolved bugs:

  • CSM-114 [Resolved database name being restricted to openmrs]
  • CSM-112 [Resolved issue that failed to run 1.3 on some servers]
  • CSM-111 [Resolved issue that failed to run 1.3 on some servers]
  • CSM-109 [Fixed issues with Obs-groups navigation]
  • CSM-105 [Fixed parsing characters issue]
  • CSM-99 [Fixed issues within the Time, Location and Provider's filters]
  • CSM-75 [Informative approach for Delayed results when indexing]
  • CSM-72 [Reloading chart-search page of auto-session closing]
  • CSM-91 [Support more filter category items besides Allergies and Appointments + Previous]



New features:

Resolved Bugs:


  • Keyboard navigation
  • Added support to index as many documents as specified of patient data.
  • Removed Datatype filter
  • Non-numeric concepts hides the graph instead of showing it empty with "undefined"
  • Fixed Categories filter appearance bug where a category items were appearing as though nested one in another in chrome
  • Changed UI color around the Search box
  • Made Category item name click-able to filter single item
  • Supports showing progress/ loading image when getting data from the server
  • Removed support for fuzzy searches based on the Levenshtein Distance
  • Added Showing a "no results found" message when no results are returned from the server
  • Removed searching when a delay in typing is detected for 2second
  • Enabled focus to start in the Search text box so that immediately when the user lands on the chart search page, he/she can straight a way type in text
  • Fixed bug where the first selected result was not showing Selection even when it was clicked and displayed at the right


  • First version of Chart Search module.
  • Embedded Apache Lucene for indexing of documents.
  • Still one can use a dedicated Solr server.
  • Indexes each patient data at a time when accessing patient dashboard (visits, encounter, observations, forms).
  • Supports searching within the OpenMRS legacy application on patient dashboard (Legacy UI)
  • Supports filtering results by category, time, location, providers and datatype
  • Supports customized search Syntax
  • Selects the first single observation to show up in detailed pane/right side
  • An Initial functional event driven UI for the Reference Apllication



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