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This module allows developers to display a homepage of apps and lets apps publish extension points that modules can connect to via extensions.

The App Framework module is the basis of OpenMRS 2.x (formerly, "the reference application").

We're currently on versions 2.x of this module. (Versions 1.0-1.5 are unsupported, and not compatible with the 2.x line.)


Documentation / How To

As a developer, see App Framework Developer Documentation

As an implementer or system administrator, this module provides no functionality that you can configure. You should install it if (and only if) a functional module that you want to install (e.g. one of the reference application modules) requires it.

Release Notes

Version 2.3

Version 2.0


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  1. user-a471a

    It might be a little easier for navigation if this page is combined with the documentation page (App Framework Documentation) and the step by step page (App Framework Step by Step Tutorial).