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This page list down all the installation guides of OpenMRS Distributions in several spaces. This list makes it easier to find what are the spaces that have the same installation guide details. When someone changing an installation guide, he can change it in every space and maintain consistency throughout each space. 

This list is categorized into the following categories.

  • The first category is the space of the guide.
  • The second category is the operating system or platform.
  • The third category is Openmrs distribution.

1. OpenMRS Wiki Space

i. Operating System Specific OpenMRS Installation

a. OpenMRS Installation

Page:  OpenMRS Installation for Developers on Ubuntu (Documentation)

Page:  Step By Step Developer Setup Guide (Linux) (Documentation)

Page:  Installing and Using OpenMRS Password Reset Open WebApp (Documentation)

Page:  Installing OpenMRS on Amazon EC2 (Documentation)

Page:  Automated installation (Documentation)

b. OpenMRS Developer Environment

Page:  Installation for Developers On Windows (Documentation)

Page:  Linux & Other OS (Documentation)

ii. Container Platform Specific OpenMRS Installation 

a. OpenMRS Installation

iii. Platform Independent OpenMRS Installation

a. OpenMRS Installation

b. OpenMRS Standalone Installation

c. OpenMRS Module Installation

d. Other Installation

2. OpenMRS Gitbook Space

i. Platform Independent OpenMRS Installation

a. OpenMRS Installation

Page :   Get Set Up  ( Gitbook Page)

3. OpenMRS Github Space

i. Platform Independent OpenMRS Installation

a. OpenMRS Installation 

Page:    Build OpenMRS  ( Github README Page)

b. OpenMRS Android Client Installation  

Page:    Quick Start  ( Github README Page)

c. OpenMRS REST API Documentation Installation  

Page:    Get Started   ( Github README Page)

d. OpenMRS REST OCL Client  Installation  

Page:    Available Scripts  ( Github README Page)