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Getting Observations

An example of how to get all observations for a patient.  We use the API method for getting observations:

List<Obs> getObservations(List<Person> whom, List<Encounter> encounters, List<Concept> questions,
            List<Concept> answers, List<PERSON_TYPE> personTypes, List<Location> locations, List<String> sort,
            Integer mostRecentN, Integer obsGroupId, Date fromDate, Date toDate, boolean includeVoidedObs)
            throws APIException;

To get all observations for a person:

import org.openmrs.Person;
import org.openmrs.Obs;

// Create a list with one person
List<Person> personList = new ArrayList<Person>();
personList.add(Context.getPersonService().getPerson(4562)) // using a random person ID for example

// Get all observations for person 4562 that are not voided
List<Obs> obsList = Context.getObsService().
    getObservations(personList, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, false);

// obsList now contains all non-voided observations for person 4562

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  1. But does the API Documentation state when nulls are allowed for a parameter?