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General Info

Topic: "Get stuff out there" sprint
Update and Release 1.9 Beta 2 (or 1.9 RC1)
Fix and Release WS 1.0
Finalize and Release Smart Container 1.0
Finish and Release Atlas Module
Leads: TBD
Date: Jan 16th - 29th 2012
Kickoff Meeting: Monday Jan 16th

Group Chat

via IRC on the #openmrs channel on freenode.

Use this channel for ALL debugging and random questions having to do with the sprint. Please avoid direct messaging to personal contacts. If you have a question, someone else probably does too, and our geographically distributed community benefits from public group discussion.

How to Participate

Add your name to the list on this wiki page (with any comments about your availability). If you want to join after the sprint has started just join the IRC channel mentioned above and say hello.

The general process:

  1. Pick a ticket from the available tickets in the top-left of the dashboard. See below for a link to the jira dashboard on
    • Make sure it does not depend on a ticket that is incomplete.
  2. If you have any questions about the ticket, ask on the group chat
  3. Do the ticket
  4. Commit code and click "Committed Code" (preferred) or attach a patch and click "Request Code Review"



See this sprint's JIRA dashboard:


The goal of this sprint is to release a lot of things that are "almost done".
1.9 beta was release almost a month ago, fix anything reported from that.
The Atlas module has a few tweaks needed before its ready to go live.
The Smart Container module has only a few tickets to complete and needs to be packaged, released, and announced.
The Rest Web Services module has some bugs found in the alpha release. These need to be squashed and the module needs to be released.