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General Sprint Information: 

Lead (Product Owner): Joseph Kaweesi

Developer Lead: Joseph Kaweesi
Known Contributors Assigned: OpenMRS developers

Tickets to be worked on:

Sprint Start Date: Monday, 27/10/2014
Sprint End Date:  Monday, 10/11/2014

Sprint Goals: 

Having tested and reviewed all the tickets we plan to be included in our next OpenMRS Platform 1.11 release, we had a total of 27 tickets that failed the test and this sprint is targeted after working on those tickets.

Invited Participants

How to Participate 

  • In-case you are the person already assigned to any ticket(s) in our above list of 27 tickets and you don't have time to work on the ticket please let us know and you can as well un-assign your self of ticket(s) you cannot have completed within these two weeks.

  • Any one interested in solving the pending work on any of these tickets should add a comment first to let others know of his/her interest to solve the remaining work on a specific ticket and then after other's consent can straight away un-assign any one and assign the ticket to him/her self.
  • Please ensure to add pull requests URLs on the ticket(s) by comment(s) and to press the Request Code Review button so as to let other developers look into your code just as the normal procedure of working on to a ticket has always been.
  • Whereas you can participate by working on any of the failed tickets, you can also participate by reviewing the code submitted so that we can have many eyes looking into the code at the same time.

During Project Notes for the sprint: 

After it is agreed upon that now the once failed ticket is passing by the team, one of the reviewers should replace the 1.11-release-tested-fail with 1.11-release-tested-pass instead and then close the ticket.

Sprint Retrospective:  

To be added after the end of each sprint. 

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