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  • Technical Workshop 8 21-8 22 2008
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Purpose: JUnit Test Code-a-thon

Location: Boston

Date: March 21st/22nd 2008


  • Ben Wolfe
  • Brian McKown
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Paul Biondich
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Mike Seaton
  • Justin Miranda
  • Andreas Kollegger
  • Ellen Ball
  • Hamish Fraser

Primary Goals

  • Documentation about how to do tests
  • Making writing tests easier to do later
  • Consensus about how to do testing
  • Test all of those prioritized methods/behaviors and while doing that find all of the edge use-cases
  • A unit testing roadmap (See Unit Testing Roadmap)
    • What should be done first?
    • How tests for new and existing code can be done and what's next
    • The capacity to ensure that testing is occurring
  • (a distant last) Test all api methods
  • A how-to for new contributors to clearly understand how to contribute to API testing
  • A tool in place to measure our testing coverage


(All times in EDT)

Thursday Aug 21st:

  • 10:30am:
    • Indianapolis clan arrives
    • Discuss __________
  • 12:30pm:
    • Food arrives
    • Continue discussing ______ over lunch
  • 1:00pm:
    • Split into teams of two to tackle various write tests for parts of the api
    • See below for the split
  • 6:00pm
    • Break for dinner

Friday Aug 22nd:

  • 9am:
    • Convene and discuss any strange edge cases from day before
  • 12:30pm
    • Food arrives
  • 3:30pm
    • Indianapolis clan leaves for the airport.


Required Prereading

Things that must be complete before Thursday at 10:30am

  • Complete ticket #976 (EB)

Things to keep in mind while writing tests today

  • If you see something that looks questionable, note it below in "Questions that arose during testing"
  • If that something questionable you see if refactoring, make a note of it, but don't refactor today...we're just about testing today. Make a note below about it and we can make a ticket later for the change to happen


  • 11:45 - Indianapolis people arrived late due to plane trouble
  • 12:10 - lunch ordered
  • Discussed different domains of tests
  • Analyzed some service and pojo methods and discovered the "behaviors" that need testing
  • Ran through the Context.authenticated behaviors and wrote tests for that as a group

Workshop 8/21-8/22/2008 Notes


Questions that arose during testing

  • EncounterService.voidEncounter is allowing a null parameter -Ben 14:05, 21 August 2008 (EDT)
  • PersonServiceImpl.savePerson() method should add the Creator and DateCreated if null. -Brian