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  • Technical Workshop 6 21-6 22 2006 Agenda
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Intro & Where we're at

  • <s>Current status of Form Builder (aka end-to-end tutorial on the current process of building a form)</s>
  • <s>Current status of our reporting & analysis code</s>
  • <s>Show our new concepts (ex: Previous Diagnoses, and Impressions Cliniques)</s>
  • <s>Concept Dictionary, and creating concept constructs (should it be here in the program?)</s>

Data Model Issues

  • <s>Drug orders</s>
    • dose, frequency, times per day, start date and end date
  • Patient/Person/User (paul will model and share with group)
  • <s>Courses of Treatment</s>
  • Linking other tables to concept  e.g., patient.marital_status, patient.cause_of_death

Coding Standards, Sharing Tips & Tricks

  • <s>FieldGen</s>
  • <s>DOJO</s>


  • User Interface enhancements we intend to make before 8/15.
    • Adjust start (anonymous) page
      • Initial page should have:
        • No left navigation
        • Logo
        • News
        • Login
      • Home page (logged in)
      • Put functionality into web/WEB-INF/portlets/
      • Patient and group pages
        • Will push toward using portlets for re-usability
    • Merge formentry into "patient start page"
  • Interface for specifying relationships
    • from patient dashboard and from patient set page
  • What do we need for order entry by 8/15
  • Automated tools to import things like Locations & hosptials and Drug lists

Longer-Term design issues

  • <s>Replacement for Infopath</s>
  • <s>Form Builder, where are we going with it?</s>
  • <s>Longer-term plan Order Entry</s>
  • <s>When do we need to properly code for Combination Drugs?</s>
  • <s>Synchronization of databases</s>

Needs for Implementation

  • Data Entry
    • Intake forms
    • Follow-up forms
  • Lab Entry
    • HL7 stream from lab entry system
  • Reporting
    • Clinic Summary
    • PEPFAR
    • TRACNet
    • Camerwa
  • Data Model Changes
    • Relationships
      • Person table
  • obs.value_group_id and obs.obs_group_id support
    • State Machine
      • Assign patients to therapeutic groups
  • Web interface changes
    • Option to start with login page (no access for anonymous users)