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  • Technical Workshop 2 8 2007 Agenda
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<html><head><title></title></head><body>* Data Model changes

    • What is a patient? Seems like we should know this by now, eh?
    • Relationships
    • Persistent synonym support
    • Answer set and answer class for concepts
    • Differentiate synonym from lookup phrase
    • Expanding I18N support
  • Modules/packages (e.g. MDR-TB functionality)
    • Parts of code that should be modularized
      • Identifier Generator
      • Quick Reports
      • Tribes
      • Patient Groups (cohort builder, patient cohorts remain core objects)
      • Accompagnateur
      • Patient Dashboard Regimen Tab
      • Patient Dashboard Graphs Tab
      • Patient Dashboard Summary button
      • Patient Dashboard Exit from care button
      • Neal Reporting
  • License
  • Reporting
    • Definitions (Dynamic Person List)
    • ; Cohort Definition (Dynamic Person List) : rules to create a cohort (initially of persons, eventually of persons, encounters, or program episodes)
    • ; Cohort (Saved Person List): list of persons (a realized, and persistable, list of persons...eventually persons, encounter, or program episodes)
    • ; Token List (Column List) : list of columns with optional aggregation or time window constraints along with column names for output
    • ; Dataset Definition (Dynamic Spreadsheet) : combination of cohort or cohort definition along with a Token List
    • ; Dataset (Saved Spreadsheet) : a set of data (initially person per row...eventually person, encounter, or program episode per row)
  • Logic service (overview and discussion on optimization - how does/will it handle large amounts of data)
  • Documentation (merging documentation written by implementers into the wiki)
  • Parts of code that should be modularized
  • Walk-through of productivity tools (i.e. Eclipse Mylar, debugging tools) (if time permits)
  • Trac usage – should RG and PIH implementation tasks go into http://dev.openmrs.org?