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  • Technical Workshop 11 15-16 2006 Agenda
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<html><head><title></title></head><body>* Mock up cohort building tool (user interface)

  • Dataset model tool (define rows and columns)
  • Review Technical Workshop 10-18-2006 Agenda notes and create enhancement tickets linked to milestones to prioritize work over the next 6-12 months


  1. Decision Support (derived concepts) - Burke
    1. Work through a culture conversion rule and how it would be done in logic and Arden
  2. Reporting - Justin
    1. Review available options (BIRT, JasperReports, etc.)
  3. Patient group
    1. Demo PIH's concepts and work thus far for grouping
  4. Person/patient transform — Paul present his suggested changes so we can all sign off
    1. See Data Model 1.10 preview
  5. Module design (Ben)
  6. i18n for data (e.g., reason for stopping drug, cause of death)
    1. codify where possible
  7. Remote data entry
  8. Regimen prescription — defining order sets
  9. User/role level customization
  10. Need forms to be limited by user/role
  11. Patient-specific messages/alerts — what was Paul thinking about here?
  12. Lifecycle events
    1. Patient enrollment
    2. Patient death
  13. Create conventions for naming properties (global and user)
    1. Required Settings (formerly Global Properties from 1.9 downwards), concepts, other resources
    2. TODO: Burke will sketch out and others can agree/disagree
  14. Unit testing — steps toward routine unit testing (Burke)
    1. Need to add unit testing to OpenMRS server (web page to show results, e-mail Ben/etc if failures)
    2. Use annotations?
    3. TODO: Burke needs to spec out unit testing
  15. Active lists — do with rules for first pass


  1. Synchronization (security) - Christian
    • How to compare for conflicts? Look for bean-diffing code
    • How do we resolve conflicts? Similar to Ben's patient merge tool
    • How do we handle committing and rolling back? For now, human conflict resolution. Depends on how much work it'll take. Christian will implement an XML log file to track transactions so that later we could consider using it for committing/rolling back.
    • Managing ID numbers? Strongly considering GUIDs
    • Do we need to synch via HL7? No. We will use JAXB/Web services to take care of data transfer (will be done via SOAP 1.1)
  2. Patient Cohort Builder (Darius to create)
  3. Required Global Properties
    • Specify list of Settings (formerly Global Properties from 1.9 downwards) in configuration file
    • When you call AdministrationService.getGlobalProperty check whether it's set, otherwise throw an exception
    • When a system developer logs in, show global properties that need to be set