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  • Summer of Code 2008 - Getting Started
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Important Dates

  • 28-May, Monday: students begin coding
    • Student should work with mentors to outline their summer plans on the wiki for public consumption
  • 9-July, Monday: students upload code to google, mentors begin mid-term evals
  • 16-July, Monday: mid-term evals due
  • 20-August, Monday: students upload code to google, student & mentors begin final evals
  • 31-August, Monday: final evals due

Next Steps

  1. Get in touch with your mentor
  2. Get openmrs installed and running
  3. Get coding environment installed and running
  4. Request a trac account 1
  5. Request a branch for this project see Developers
  6. Browse the current OpenMRS code specific to your project (see #Resources)
  7. Add yourself to your working group (link to WorkingGroup page)
  8. Create your User Page (see "how to create user profile")
  9. Browse other GSoC projects and the pages they have for their students. We want to A) make sure we "keep up with the Jones'" and then B) be better than the Jones'.
  10. Read the requirements for your project (see Projects Page)
  11. Submit formal proposal to your mentor
  12. Agree on final requirements with your mentor
  13. Develop project schedule with your mentor


Expectations of Students

  • Public posting (e.g., blog) at least 2x/week
  • Review our conventions page
  • Figure out an appropriate name & request a project branch (see the developers page)
  • Have fun!

Expectations of Mentors

  • Be available to your student (quick responses, converse w/ student at least 2-3x/week)
  • Review/comment on/help improve our conventions page
  • Ensure your student is having a good/productive experience
  • Help students meet their expectations


Remember, there are several options for communicating…find which combo works best for your needs. Be open to trying any/all of these.

  • E-mail
  • IRC
  • Forum
  • Mailing lists
  • Wiki
  • Skype
  • Phone
  • Telepathy


Getting Started With Hibernate

Hibernate is an open-source Java-based persistence engine (object relational mapper) used by OpenMRS to translate between the relational database and our Java objects. You can browse our mapping files along with some online sources to get started.

If you find useful hibernate introductory tips/tutorials/etc. within OpenMRS code at other websites, add links/comments here for others to benefit.


Contact Burke or Paul (at openmrs dot org) or your mentor.


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