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  • Stanford Hack-a-thon 2010
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This hackathon will take place at Stanford University Feb 6th/7th 2010. The hackathon runs for 24 hours starting at 1pm PST on the 6th.


  • zxiao3
  • amrasarfeiniel (Michael Harris)
  • jdubie (Jack Dubie)
  • Yinyinwu (Yin Yin Wu)
  • Majj (Jason Ma)
  • 21echoes (David Kettler)
  • sstamats (Spencer Stamats)
  • pacers721 (Kevin White)
  • allenjohnashton (John-Ashton Allen)
  • ianmac (Ian Macartney)

Available Mentors

Getting Started

Avenues for Help

(Listed in order of shortest answer time)

(Potential) Projects

Assign yourself to the ticket before starting work to make sure no one else is working on it. If no comments on a ticket in a while, ask the ticket owner if you can take it over.

  • Create a "reverse data export" module - archive:TRAC-1057
    • Easily multi person project (separate parts to work on)
    • Will take 24hrs
  • Create module for real-time chat option between a user and an admin
    • Probably single person project because I can't think of a way to split the work
    • Probably 12-18 hr project
  • A Web Service Module for getting/generating identifiers archive:TRAC-1999
    • Potentially multiple person project
    • Will take 12-15 hrs
  • Move the Hl7 In Archive objects to be stored on the filesystem: archive:TRAC-2032
    • Single person project
    • 18-24 hours
  • Change javascript calendar picker over to jquery widget: archive:TRAC-2044
    • Single person project
    • 8-12 hours
  • Add more concept stats graphs archive:TRAC-557
    • Single person project
    • 8-12 hours
  • Add a jsp page to the FormEntry module to manage the formentry_xsn table archive:TRAC-459
    • Single person project
    • 8-12 hours
  • Fix the Ant Installer program to work with OpenMRS 1.5+ archive:TRAC-2046
    • Single person project
    • 8 hours
  • Move address layout definitions to global property archive:TRAC-306
  • Add an "Update OpenMRS Automatically" module archive:TRAC-113
  • Add hl7 input functionality to the rest module archive:TRAC-2051
  • Create a module to compare observations of two encounters and then void one of the encounters archive:TRAC-2049
  • Move the Drug Regimen tab into a module archive:Drug_Regimen_Tab_Module
  • Or any other tickets here: Getting Started Tickets
  • Or even shorter ones here: Introductory Tickets
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