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  • Release Notes 1.6.6
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What's new in OpenMRS 1.6.6

  • Release date: 12 Aug 2012
  • OpenMRS 1.6.6 represents revision 29023

This is a maintenance release for OpenMRS 1.6.x, which fixes several bugs.

There are no database changes between OpenMRS 1.6.5 and 1.6.6.

Resolved issues

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Bundled Modules

The Logic module is bundled with OpenMRS 1.6.6 and is marked as core. It can be upgraded, but can not be removed:

Core Module




From this release we do not include other modules than Logic in war.


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  1. Unknown User (dokuboyejo)

    Thanks Rafal,

    I just pulled it now, and would update our 1.6.5 to 1.6.6