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Role Description

This page is a work in progress.


Regional community managers have at least 5 years experience in the OpenMRS Community and have existing experience with many of the responsibilities of the role. They have an understanding of community management as well as implementation context, which will help them build relationships and make smart decisions for the community. They have strong interpersonal, communication, and critical thinking skills, and are naturally curious and empathetic.


Engagement & People

  • Ongoing monitoring of activity within a given geographic region, and active listening to understand community issues in that region

  • Ongoing moderation, response, and escalation of community activity within a given region

  • Promote and highlight ideal community member behaviors worldwide

  • Facilitate connections among community members within a given region, as well to members outside the region

  • Facilitate the member welcoming experience, particularly for community members located within a given region, and connecting them with local communities in their area

Content Development

  • Develop & manage a calendar for events and content within and for a specific region
  • Create text-based content about a specific region (blog posts, newsletters, updates, etc.)
  • Curate, manage, and share content of interest to community members
  • Assist local communities in planning & facilitation of community programs that trigger community member engagement

Strategic & Business

  • Measure & report community performance within a given region
  • Advocate for the community & coordinate internally with community management team
  • Assist and/or manage local community leaders or other resources


  • Manage and administer community platforms and tools globally, with a focus on a specific region's use of those tools
  • Research & recommend community tools


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