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Reference Application 2.x releases are different than OpenMRS platform releases (like 2.4.0). Platform releases usually consist of alpha, beta releases and have Sprints to complete tickets in a short span of time. Reference Application 2.x is a collection of modules and hence its release consists of releasing all the modules planned to be included in the 2.x release and testing if all of them function collectively.

In the case of 2.11.0, the release is planned for the mid of January 2021. Though the testing might not be as extensive as a Platform release, a user acceptance testing is necessary. This is scheduled around mid – october to Late october. This is a very short period of time but for this to happen all the modules that are planned to be released in 2.10 need to be in a release ready state and we need your collective collaboration on making this happen.

Note: This Page will be updated until the final release of next ref-app 2.11.0, so For any new module being released, it should be updated in this wiki.

Included Modules

Parent tracking issue for these items:

NO.ModuleNamePoint(s) of  ContactVersion in RA 2.10

Target Version

(tick) = released and confirmed for 2.11

Updated? (Bold and red means this is not a tested module in PIH EMR - likely needs extra oversight)Ready By ?

Address Hierarchy


(tick) 2.14.2YesMagembe sharif
2.Admin UI * 1.3.0(tick)1.3.0
No significant work being done
3.Allergy UI1.8.2(tick) 1.8.3YesMagembe sharif
4.App Framework2.14.0(tick) 2.16.0YesMagembe sharif

Appointment Scheduling

1.12.0(tick) 1.13.0YesMagembe sharif


Appointment Scheduling UI1.9.0(tick) 1.9.0
Magembe sharif

App UI

1.12.0(tick) 1.13.0YesMagembe sharif
8.Atlas * 2.2(tick)2.2.2YesMagembe sharif


Attachments2.2.0(tick)2.4.0YesMagembe sharif



1.2(tick) 1.2.1Yes

Version 1.2.1 released.

RA distro pom updated


Core Apps

Mark Goodrich /Release Manager

1.28.0(tick)1.31.0YesMagembe sharif
12.Data Exchange * 1.3.3(tick) 1.3.6Yes

Magembe sharif

we had a number of significant commits that were merged in last release that we needed the coming release and hence its upgrade


Mark Goodrich Shared between RefApp, Bahmni, PIH

1.28.0(tick) 1.30.0YesMagembe sharif
14.EVENT2.7.0(tick) 2.8.0YesMagembe sharif
15.FHIR * 1.19.0(tick)0.5.0-ALPHA.1(fhir2 )Yes

Magembe sharif

a number of commits were merged to though we stopped this module coz it was now upgraded to fhir2 but ofcourse we needed to upgrade it since we maintained it for future use case

16.Form Entry App * 1.4.2(tick)1.4.2

No significant changes since last release, we maintain the current version

Magembe sharif

17.HTML Form Entry3.10.0(tick) 3.12.0YesNeeds release of OpenMRS 2.3.2

HTML Form Entry UI


HTML Widgets

1.10.0(tick) 1.10.0
No changes, use 1.10.0
20.Id Generation4.5.0(tick) 4.6.0Yes
21.Legacy UI1.6.0(tick) 1.7.0Yes
22Metadata Deploy1.11.0 (tick) 1.12.1Yes
23Metadata Mapping1.3.4(tick) 1.3.5Yes
24Metadata Sharing1.6.0(tick) 1.7.0Yes
25Name Phonetics1.6.0(tick) 1.17.0Yes
26Open web apps1.10.0(tick) 1.12.0Yes

Provider Management

2.10.0(tick) 2.12.0Yes
28Reference Application * Release Manager

29Reference Demo Data * Release Manager1.
30Reference Metadata * Release Manager2., or 2.10.3Yesa lot has changed especially in concept dictionary, removing covid19 concepts, a lot of concepts have been added
31Registration App1.16.0(tick) 1.20.0Yes
32Registration Core1.9.0(tick) 1.10.0Yes
33Reporting1.19.0(tick) 1.21.0Yes
34Reporting Compatibility * 2.0.6(tick) 2.0.7Yessignificant commits

Reporting REST

1.11.0(tick) 1.11.0
No commits since 1.11.0 released in November 2019

Reporting UI

 1.6.0 (tick) 1.7.0YesNo changes for release since 1.7.0 in January, 2020
37Serialization Xstream0.2.14(tick) 0.2.14
No functional changes since 0.2.14 release.
38UI Commons2.11.0(tick) 2.15.0Yes

UI Framework

3.16.0(tick) 3.19.0Yes
40UI Test Framework2.3.0(tick) 2.3.0
No changes, use same version as in RA 2.10
41UI Library2.0.6(tick)2.0.6
No significant changes , use the same version
42Web Services Rest 2.26.0(tick)2.29.0Yes
43Platform Version
2.3.0(tick) 2.3.2YesI assume this should be the newly released 2.3.2, right Sharif Magembe?

New Modules But Not Bundled

Parent tracking issue for these items:

Module Name Point(s) of CareJIRA IssueBintrayAdd-onsVersion-Notes/descriptionReady By ?

Removed Modules From The List

Parent tracking issue for these items:

Module Name Point(s) of CareJIRA IssueBintrayAdd-onsVersion-Notes/descriptionReady By ?

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