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The Regional East African Centre of Health Informatics (REACH-Informatics) in Eldoret Kenya was established in 2009 with the aim of providing East Africans with short courses and practicum training to support the development, implementation, maintenance, evolution, and use of electronic health records (EHRs). The centre builds on the long collaboration between Indiana and Moi Universities Schools of Medicine and the global informatics leadership of the Regenstrief Institute.

REACH provides twice yearly developer and user training courses.

Upcoming Courses

Data Management training for Researchers and Health managers - John Kemboi - September 24th to 26th. Eldoret, Kenya. Click here to apply

Data Management Core - John Kemboi - November 19th to 22nd 2013. Click here to apply

OpenMRS Developers training - John Kemboi - October 14th to 17th 2013, Noble Conference Centre, Eldoret, Kenya. Click here to apply

OpenMRS Form Design & Development training - John Kemboi - October  21st to 24th 2013, Noble Conference Centre, Eldoret, Kenya. Click here to apply

Past Courses

Data Management - Ada Yeung - May 2010

Development - Ben Wolfe - August 2010

OpenMRS Implementers Workshop - James Kariuki - December 1 to 3, 2010

Data Management - Ada Yeung - January 31st to Feburary 11th, 2011

Development - Ben Wolfe - April 25th to May 6th, 2011

OpenMRS Implementers Workshop - John Kemboi - 8th to 10th June, 2011

Data Management on Data Quality - John Kemboi - July 18th to July 22nd, 2011

Training for Researchers and Clinical Managers - April Bell - May 30th to June 10th, 2011 (tentative)

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