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Anyone who is already an experienced maven user (or plans to develop in any environment other than Eclipse) should read the "Executive Summary" sections here. Otherwise you will mostly want to follow the instructions at the linked pages.

Install required software

Detailed instructions at Step by Step Installation for Developers

Executive summary:

  • Install Java 1.6
  • Install MySQL 5.x
  • If you like Eclipse...
    • Install "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers"
    • Install Subclipse plugin
    • Install m2eclipse plugin and m2eclipse "extras" SCM functionality
  • If you're a command liner...
    • Install a subversion client
    • Install maven

Check out the source code of the providers branch

Option 1 - using Eclipse

  • Follow our standard instructions, with a the following exceptions:
    1. Instead of checking out trunk, check out
    2. the "Support multiple maven modules" feature has been removed in the latest version of m2eclipse, so your checkout will actually create 6 eclipse modules
    3. If you're checking out into an existing workspace, or if you expect to someday check out OpenMRS trunk also, choose an advanced name template like "providers-artifactId"
  • the instructions are at: Using the M2Eclipse Maven Plugin in Eclipse

The executive summary of this is:

  • New Project -> Checkout Maven Projects from SCM ->
  • (on the root project) Run As -> Maven install
    • if you're in a hurry, you may want to create a run configuration to skip tests
  • (on the webapp project) create a run configuration for a maven build, with the target "jetty:run"

Option 2 - at the command line

  • go to the directory you want to check the code out into
  • svn co
    • this will check out the code in a "providers" folder
  • cd providers
  • mvn -DskipTests=true install
    • after you've done an install once, you can just do "mvn package" in this directory to rebuild
  • cd webapp
  • mvn jetty:run
    • (the 'webapp' sub-project is the one to run...)
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