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Find this page at

TAC calls at

When: Tuesdays at 9:30 pm IST | 7 pm EAT | 6 pm CET | 4 pm UTC| 12 pm EDT | 9 am PDT

Parking Lot: Topics for Subsequent Meetings

Meeting Notes


Attendees: Juliet, Jonathan, Jen, Christine,kdaud, Sarah elder,Noah,Sharif , Daniel.

Regrets: Grace P


Platform Testing

Possible tools: Swagger, Karate, Jmeter, Postman

Technical updates

Security testing update:

Irene: RATEST 223

Working on this since last week and is currently working on fixing the ticket.

Juliet: Learning cucumber and Selenium 

Working on:

Jonathan: working on RATEST-235 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Working on the running reports test.

The challenge is that reports are only accessible on legacy UI. DId a talk post available here:

Tests will be migrated into one module. This will be worked on in the next few weeks. 

Talk post available here:


Added two test: User account and location 

Noah: working on the clinical work flow improvement to include adding and deleting allergies and conditions on the patient dashboard.


Attendees: Juliet, Jonathan, GraceBish, Sharif, Tendo, Irene, kdaud, Grace Potma, Jen, Herman,Irene, Tendo, Daniel,Christine



Technical updates

Implementing the QA framework in other Java modules(OCL)

  • Focus has mainly dictionary manager.
  • Need to focus OCL module.

Platform testing


Attendees: Jayasanka, Jonathan, Sharif, Gracebish, Kdaud, Christine, GraceP, Jen Antilla, Pasindu, Ivan , Joshua, Tayabwe, Sarah , Irene.

Regrets: Juliet


Quick Updates:

QA Board Higlights:

 Added tickets include:

  • RATEST-226: New Test: Patient Dashboard Editing Patient Demographics.
  • RATEST-225: New Test: Patient Dashboard adding/deleting Allergies and conditions
  • RATEST-224: E2E Test: Running reports.

Technical Updates:

  • 3.0 Framework:
    • Had two failing tests. 
    • Given tests are failing in github actions from time to time , the team should try to run the tests on Bamboo.
      • Daud to create a ticket and assign Jayasanka and guide him on setting on Bamboo.
  • 2.0 framework:
    • Sharif:
      • Working on the
        • Registration and patient search workflow test.
          • Registration is complete and merged.
        • Vitals and triage for the 3.0 framework
        • Coveralls support.
          • Challenge was activating Coveralls using Github.
    • Ivan:
      • Working on finding the pager head ticket.
    • Irene:
      • Working on the
        • Vital and triage extension ticket: RATEST-204
        • Update editVitals functionalities on editNotePage: RATEST-223 
    • Tayebwa:
      • Encountering challenges in setting up the development environment.



Attendees: Christine, Jayasanka, Jen Antilla, Joshua, Grace potma, sharif, pasindu Rupansinghe, Daniel, Kdaud



Quick Updates:

Blockers when using Cypress on the 3.0 Framework

  • Set up depends on the internet where the set has to be pointed to the SPA server and loading of Cypress resources.
  • 2 Main Problems: 
    • #1 (worst): It is difficult to run test locally. So, difficult to develop tests, because:
      • takes a lot of time. E.g. 2-3 mins to load a single page. 
      • takes a lot of resources. E.g. 30MBs for a single scenario, and devs often using a data plan for internet access, or have a bandwidth limit. 
        • When the tests are run, Cypress downloads its resources every time (Cypress clearing browser cache with each scenario, and sometimes single test ("feature") has multiple scenarios). This results in it taking a long time. (2-3 year issue in Cypress communities! No option to keep the cache.)
      • This is not a problem with 2.x - if we had an isolated environment, would solve this problem. Tried hack downloading all resources and then creating an import map.  
    • #2: Random failures. Sometimes when running on GitHub Actions, the test fails randomly because resources are not getting loaded correctly. (Going to keep video recording if test fails. Thanks Pasindu!)
  • TODO: Action item: Jayasanka to create a Talk thread. If no clear path to unblock, can also share with SPA and MF slack communities (so many JS devs there who surely have wrangled similar issues w/ Cypress). 

Technical Updates:

  • Herman: Using a Windows platform. Seems QA the framework does not work well in windows.
  • Jonathan: Still on-boarding and acquitting with the QA framework.
  • Joshua: aiming at looking into security tickets,
  • Ivan: working on issues arising on the submitted ticket. Ticket working on is patient deceased.
  • Pasindu: Working on resolving 3.0 framework tests failing due to Github actions. Solution being implemented is screen recording which can be reviewed later
  • Juliet: Working with Cypress and cucumber on a test focused on adding concepts. Aiming to completely tomorrow and make a presentation on the OCL call.
  • Gracebish: Worked on a duplicate ticket.
  • Sharif:  RATEST-150 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Kdaud: Will start working on the coveralls ticket.


Attendees: Christine, Sarah Elder, Jayasanka, kdaud, Sharif, Jonathan, GraceBish, Gracepotma, Pasindu 

Regrets: Jennifer.


Quick Updates:

Technical Updates

  • OpenMRS Security: 
    • Need volunteers as GSOC students are finalising their work.
    • Members currently supporting the security include  Jonathan, PATH and Sarah.
    • Sarah is a security expert who carried out research on OpenMRS Security. Methods used to identify SonarQube but did not find cross-side scripting. Other methods used included
      • Static analysis tools like SonarQube, coverity Scan(propriety software.)
      • Dynamic testing: Provided the list we currently have in spreadsheet.
      • Manual testing through exploratory testing.
    • There is a journal that has been submitted which Sarah will share with Grace and Sharif.
  • To do: Review duplicate tickets.

Review of the QA status dashboard: 


Attendees: Christine, Jayasanka, Sharif,Daniel,Irene,Juliet,Kdaud, Jonathan, Muwanga Erastus, Ivan , Joshua ,GraceP

Regrets: Jennifer


Technical Updates


  • Test coverage is now 95% form 88%.(Old Selenium tests)
  • Currently only 3 tests are pending.

Review of the QA status dashboard: 


  • The registration and search workflow is still work-in progress.
    • Challenges include selenium dependencies.
    • Recommendation shared is to run the test on bamboo in the event it is passing on a local instance to identify the challenges.
    • Sharif and Kdaud to have a look at the dependencies.
  • Reff APP 3.X: There are challenges with the github actions.
  • Upgrade QA Dashboard to provide a detailed description of the displayed status,
  • Dictionary Manager: Writing tests on adding concepts. 
    • Current blocker: Rest API fetching concepts.

xss vulnerability training video (Sharif Magembe

  • There is a complied list of XSS vulnerability issues done by GSOC students. 
  • Anyone interested to work on this can reach out to Sharif Magembe

Ownership of gaps identified in pyramid review.


Attendees: Jayasanka, Grace P, Grace N, Jen, Ivan N, Jonathan Kaweesi, Jan, Sharif, Daniel, Ian, Irene, Jan, Pasindu Rupasinghe

Regrets: Christine


  • Notes & Recordings now at
  • Technical updates from devs
    • General Framework update: Writing workflow test cases 1 (by @kdaud  
      • Hooks: A hook is a built tag in run test class, Login workflow can either have its own defined hook , workflows always have given step definitions , then a hook is used to trigger those step definitions but mostly hooks are defined in before or after ,methods
      • Tags: A tag is a way of identifying tests & add metadata to the scenario, e.g.
    • 3.x: 
      • Dockerizing issues due to connectivity, Webservices module not running, github workflow challenges. Trying to complete workflows as much as possible. 
      • User Settings workflow completed
      • Challenging to test on local b/c not loading sometimes even on local server
      • Problems: SPA envi is sometimes unstable - workflows fail because SPA doesn't get loaded. "Go offline" notification covers things up and blocks tests. Random errors where some things aren't loading. 
    • 2.x: 
    • Ticket unblocking - Ivan 
  • Finish the OpenMRS QA Pyramid & Automation Inventory (a review of what we have, vs where we have automation gaps to address, beyond frontend E2E tests)
    • Linting: ways to embed in auto git-hub 
    • XSS gap: For xss security automations, we still need some effort from devs , the only challenge we have is that some devs are still not familiar with reproducing xss vulnerabilities. Some xss vulnerabilities which would be simple to automate have been covered which is is limiting number of getting started guides ,Preparing a simple automated xss vulnerability vedio for us to get started probably next week we should be having it on the call

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