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Release date :   

Note: This platform release requires Java/OpenJDK 1.8 and MySQL 5.6, 5.7

Release date

What's New?

This is a maintenance release to OpenMRS 2.3.x line, specifically to fix a high-priority bug introduced in version 2.3.1. If you are currently running OpenMRS 2.3.1, we recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Key Summary T Due

Database Changes

  • Added indices on the order_number and accession_number fields in the Orders table.

Community Input

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release in one way or another!

Bundled Modules

  • REST Web Services v2.26.0
  • OWA v1.11.0
  • FHIR v1.19.0

Bundled OWAs

  • Add-on Manager


OpenMRS Platform 2.3.2 download link

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