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Due to a glitch in our release process, this release is no longer publicly available (as it did not include the correct bundled modules).

Use Platform instead.






NoteThis platform release requires Java 1.8 and above.

Release Date:  

This version of the OpenMRS Platform is a maintenance release for OpenMRS Platform 2.0.x, which fixes few bugs in addition to the bugs fixed in 2.0.2


What's New?

This release is "OpenMRS Platform 2.0.3" and is a maintenance release version of the under-the-hood OpenMRS API that follows 2.0.2, where we have resolved an important bug. There are no database changes between this version and 2.0.2.

Bug Fixes

JIRA Issues Macro: JIRA project does not exist or you do not have permission to view it.

Community Input

Lots of thanks to all our great contributors that have made this release a success, including Daniel Kayiwa, Swathi Varkala, among others.


OpenMRS Platform 2.0.3 represents revision: ad3b4510a42155b7aab8cb08fb2dd397cbbbe175

Download OpenMRS Platform 2.0.3

Bundled Modules

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