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NoteThis platform release requires Java 1.8 and above.

Release Date:  

This version of the OpenMRS Platform is a maintenance release for OpenMRS Platform 2.0.x, which fixes few bugs in addition to the bugs fixed in 2.0.1


What's New?

This release is "OpenMRS Platform 2.0.2" and is a maintenance release version of the under-the-hood OpenMRS API that follows 2.0.1, where we have resolved quite a number of bugs. There are no database changes between this version and 2.0.1.

Bug Fixes

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution
TRUNK-5010 In some cases it should be possible to merge patients even if both have active orders Story 2017-01-11 2017-02-08 Sidtharthan A N Sidtharthan A N Should Closed Fixed
TRUNK-4984 TextHandler does not work Bug 2016-12-15 2016-12-20 Daniel Kayiwa Daniel Kayiwa Should Closed Fixed
TRUNK-4982 Cannot add allergy when locale is French Bug 2016-12-10 2016-12-20 shruthi pitta Ivange Larry TBD Closed Fixed
TRUNK-4980 Enable hibernate second level cache for org.openmrs.Privilege New Feature 2016-12-08 2016-12-08 Preethi S Preethi S Should Closed Fixed
TRUNK-4977 ImageHandler.saveObs(Obs) to close outfile Bug 2016-12-01 2016-12-21 Dimitri Renault Dimitri Renault Should Closed Fixed
TRUNK-4973 Saving Existing Obs will not update formNamespaceAndPath Bug 2016-11-26 2016-11-26 Bharat Akkinepalli Bharat Akkinepalli Should Closed Fixed

Community Input

Lots of thanks to all our great contributors that have made this release a success, including Preethi SBharat AkkinepalliDaniel Kayiwa, shruthi pitta,  Dimitri Renault, among others.


OpenMRS Platform 2.0.2 represents revision: 2618a7b9e4074995205ce38ed217f70bdd5f2c1c

Download OpenMRS Platform 2.0.2

Bundled Modules

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