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  • Platform Release Notes 1.10.4
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Release Date: Monday Feb 8th 2016

This version of the OpenMRS Platform is not intended for use by implementations running reference application other than OpenMRS 2.1, because it has several incompatible changes that will break some modules.


What's New

This release is "OpenMRS Platform 1.10.4" and is a maintenance release version of the under-the-hood OpenMRS API that follows 1.10.3.

For the time being, we are in an awkward phase, where the legacy UI remains within the OpenMRS Platform and the new OpenMRS UI has not fully replaced the legacy UI. As a result, many implementations will continue to use the platform without the new web application and people will continue to be confused by the naming of "OpenMRS Platform". We are working hard to resolve this by OpenMRS 2.3, when implementations will be able to upgrade into the new application and the legacy UI can be retired from the platform.

To upgrade from a pre 1.10 version, you will certainly need to read Prepare for Upgrading From a Pre-1.10 to 1.10 or Later Version

Database Changes

  • Add an index to the global_property.property column - TRUNK-4743
  • Set uuid columns to "NOT NULL", if not set already for 1.9.x tables - TRUNK-3915  (note that running this changeset against large tables like the obs table could be time and processor intensive, see this Talk Thread.)

Bug Fixes

Key Summary Assignee Reporter

New Features

Key Summary Assignee Reporter

Who is this release meant for?

Implementations that are running OpenMRS 2.1 or implementations that are running plain OpenMRS Platform 1.10.x.

Community Input

A huge thanks to the people that contributed code to this release, not to mention all the people that contributed in countless other ways to support this release and be a great part of the shaping it including Burke Mamlin, Daniel Kayiwa, Wyclif Luyima and the whole infrastructure team!

We welcome any user to download OpenMRS 1.10.4 and try it out, give us feedback, and potentially bug reports on this release.

If you happen to run into any sort of obscure bugs, send a message via talk or create a new JIRA ticket.


OpenMRS Platform 1.10.4 represents revision: 4958eeb26bcdae1aec13fe2d5cbc5c62d9af47ae

Download OpenMRS Platform 1.10.4

Bundled Modules


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