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The objective of this Sprint is to produce a working Patient Summary module built on top of the Reporting module, which will enable an end-user to do the following from the UI:

  • Define the data elements (schema) behind a Patient Summary
  • Define a basic layout using either text (eg. html) or Excel, which will render the appropriate data elements where specified
  • Add scripting capabilities to text-based summaries (eg. iterating, formatting, conditionals, etc)
  • Configure one or more patient summaries to be visible directly on the patient dashboard in a new tab
  • Support an initial (and expandable) library of utilities to add complex elements to text-based summaries, aiming to support at minimum:
    • Problem list based on "PROBLEM ADDED" and "PROBLEM REMOVED" concepts
    • Table of Obs
    • Table of Encounters
    • Graph of a value over time (which can take in a List<Obs>, but isn't limited to this)
  • Load a patient summary in a printer-friendly format
  • A user-interface for designing a patient summary that aims for ease of use

Time-permitting, or given the priorities of particular contributers (ahem, Win), additional features may include:

  • Taking advantage of existing report scheduling features to schedule a patient summary to be fun in the future for a Cohort of patients
  • Adding the ability to produce a separate rendered output document for each patient in the base Cohort
  • Taking advantage of existing report processing features to output one or more patient summaries to the file system

General Info

Topic: Re-implementation of the Patient Summary Module based on the Reporting framework

Lead: Mike Seaton

Date: 17-September-2012 to 28-September-2012

Group Chat

via IRC on the #openmrs channel on freenode.

Use this channel for ALL debugging and random questions having to do with the sprint. Please avoid direct messaging to personal contacts. If you have a question, someone else probably does too, and our geographically distributed community benefits from public group discussion.

How to Participate

Add your name to the list on this wiki page (with any comments about your availability). If you want to join after the sprint has started just join the IRC channel mentioned above and say hello to anyone and everyone!

The general process:

  1. New to OpenMRS sprints? Want help getting started? Join the IRC channel and say "mseaton": I'd like to participate in the sprint!"
  2. Pick a ticket from the available tickets in the top-left of the sprint dashboard page. (listed below)
    • Make sure it does not depend on a ticket that is incomplete.
  3. If you have any questions about the ticket, ask on the group chat
  4. Do the ticket
  5. Commit code and click "Committed Code" (preferred) or attach a [patch|docs:Patches] and click "Request Code Review"
  6. Join the daily scrum to share your updates



This week's tickets are using the new Agile board in jira. Pick a ticket from the left column: