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This page will eventually provide information about's infrastructure and its availability.

Infrastructure list


Third-party systems

System availability

Our key systems are monitored 24x7 by the third-party service Pingdom and by the facilities hosting the hardware itself. If you see a current outage, don't worry. The infrastructure team has already been alerted and a JIRA issue opened.

Requesting resources e-mail

E-mail is managed by Google Apps and uses OpenMRS ID for single sign on. In addition to e-mail, all Google services are also available to a OpenMRS Google Apps account. We intend to soon integrate these accounts with OpenMRS ID and keep them synchronized. For now, if you want access, please open a ticket.

Mailing lists and groups

Mailing lists are in the process of migrating to the OpenMRS Google Groups at pending the update of this site to the new Groups interface used in their generally-available product. To request an mailing list/group, please open a ticket and include the name (i.e., and description of the group, as well as the OpenMRS ID's of who will be the group's owners.


Access control and structure of the Subversion code repository is delegated to the core development team leaders. See Code Repositories for information about how to request a new project in Subversion or get commit access.

If you are having technical problems with your Subversion project, please open a ticket and describe your difficulty. If you need to reset your password, see OpenMRS ID.

JIRA issue tracking

Generally, anyone with an OpenMRS ID can create new issues in JIRA. If you would like a JIRA project created for your own OpenMRS project or module, please read JIRA Issue Tracking System for more information.

Build services

For More Information

Questions or comments should be directed to Michael Downey.

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