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See this Talk thread for information on submitting a nomination for OpenMRS Inc. Board of Director's Community Member role

OpenMRS Inc.'s primary purpose is to support the OpenMRS community. OpenMRS’ community is comprised of all sorts of developers, translators, writers, and users. One seat on the Board is filled by an elected individual from the OpenMRS community. OpenMRS community members are characterized by their involvement in the community such as active participation in the mailing lists, meeting attendance, and direct experience on the ground in healthcare settings. The elected individual will represent the community’s voice on the Board and in the future of the organization.

The community board member participation requires AT MOST 3-4 hours per month on board activities. The Community Member represents the OpenMRS Community's perspective to the Board of Directors (BoD) and provides real-world experience of OpenMRS.

Process for Nominations 

  • Nominations (including self nominations) will be solicited in September for the at-large community member.

    • Nominations will be open for two weeks

    • Nomination form will be posted to OpenMRS Talk that includes:

      • Work within the OpenMRS community and/or implementing OpenMRS

      • Why an individual wants to be on the BoD

    • Nominations will be reviewed by the Leadership Team and the current BoD

Process for Elections

  • A nominating slate will be developed for the at-large community member

    • This slate will be posted to Talk

    • (Bill suggests that we consider adding, "The candidates will prepare short written statements, to be published in the ballot.  Candidates may wish to address the following topics: why they are running for the board, and how they would both represent and communicate with the community")

    • Voting will occur through an online voting process that occurs in October

    • Members of the community can vote for their top five choices by rank preference

      • Instant Runoff Voting Process will be used

  • Election results will be posted by the first week of November to ensure an appropriate transition for BoD members

To nominate a member of the OpenMRS Community, including yourself, use this form HERE.