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Who is this track for?

Program managers, business analysts, and information technology professionals who manage or support implementation of OpenMRS distributions and are actively involved in associated deployment activities will gain from participating in this track. Participation at this level requires some technical knowlege.

Implementer Track Goals & Objectives


The goal of this series is to enhance your ability to:

  • Plan and iteratively improve O3 | OHRI implementation
  • Increase your technical capacity to effectively configure and deploy O3, the OHRI package, and other O3 apps/widgets, and packages at health facilities.


Once you have completed this series, you will be able to:

  • Prepare and plan to implement OpenMRS,

  • Describe the technical components of the OpenMRS 3.0 Framework and OHRI package 

  • Configure and deploy OpenMRS 3.x and packages (ie: OHRI)
  • Upgrade your OpenMRS distribution to 3.x and OHRI

How to Participate

This track uses a “just in time” learning approach that provides you with flexible, collaborative, and targeted learning opportunities to meet your needs as they emerge. The O3 | OHRI Implementater Track includes “micro-sessions” that can be completed at your own pace or integrated into in-person or virtual working sessions and hackathons.

Use Your Milestone Checklists to design your own Implementer Track experience and keep track of your progress.

You may need:

  • An internet connection in order to access the materials and join the live discussions via Zoom
  • An OpenMRS ID to participate in online discussions on Talk. Don't have an OpenMRS ID? Click here to get one.

Micro Sessions

TitleDescriptionMaterialsIntroductoryPlanningDevelopment & CustomizationImplementationScale Up & Maintenance
OpenMRS 3.x | OHRI Technical Overview What is OpenMRS 3.x? What are packages? How do they work with other OpenMRS technical products, like the Platform or OpenMRS distributions? Overview Video

OpenMRS Implementation Toolkit

Resources, guidance, and templates for planning, implementation and maintenance of OpenMRS distributions and O3 packages.

Quick Guide Explainer

Implementation Toolkit Quick Guide

Toolkit Localization

Tips on localizing the toolkit based on your context & needsToolkit Localization Explainer

Toolkit Components Overview

The main elements of off of the tools (activities, tasks, resources, etc)

Overview of the Performance Dashboard

What is the performance dashboard? How does it work?

Overview of Planning

Overview of Development

Overview of Implementation

Overview of Scale Up & Maintenance

Re-Using & Building Shared, Community Assets

Help! How to engage with the community, share feedback, and get the help you need.

Collaborative Development Practices

O3 & OHRI Needs AnalysisCompare your distribution to the 3.x demo and available widgets, chart your new O3 journey

Reference Docker Containers

Build and Deploy the OpenMRS 3 FrontendHow to set up 3.x to work with an existing OpenMRS database

Configure Your O3 Application

Configuring O3 Forms

Configuring your Metadata

Adding OMRS Packages (OHRI)

For more information

Want to know more about this track and how it fits in with other informatics and OpenMRS 3.0 | OHRI capacity building events?

Watch this video!

Have questions about this tracj? Please contact Jennifer Antilla or Beth Dunbar

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