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The OpenMRS Guides program is a way for new contributors to connect with a mentor that's currently active in the community, who was recently new herself or himself. The Guide's role is to stay in communication with new contributors to make sure they are finding resources, answers to questions, as well as interesting & rewarding contributions on which to work. OpenMRS guides will help new comers to quickly explore the OpenMRS platform and reduce the knowledge barrier to start contributing to the OpenMRS. Still the number of OpenMRS guides not enough to handle the guide request of new comers. If you willing to join to the guides team, please create a case in and send to us. Else you can contact Suranga Kasthurirathne or Harsha Kumara directly.

How to request a guide

If you're just getting started with OpenMRS contributions, and you'd like to be matched up with an OpenMRS Guide, please drop a line to our community management team at community (at) openmrs (dot) org. We'll respond to learn more about your interests and match you up with someone to guide you along the way. Also you can simply create a case in We always welcome new comers and waiting to give our helping hand to contribute to OpenMRS.


All contributions either from OpenMRS guides or new comers will align with ""Write Code, Save Lives".

Current OpenMRS Guides


Former OpenMRS Guides


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