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The purpose of this page is to document the roles and responsibilities of the OpenMRS global events manager. It is a work under progress.

The incumbent will represent, and speak on behalf of the OpenMRS community in matters relating to events/meetups/gatherings, above and not limited to the summit and/or implementer meetings.

  • Work with the OpenMRS community / leadership / implementers to identify potential hosts for annual meetings.
  • Represent the OpenMRs community in meeting / planning for OpenMRS events
  • Interact with OpenMRs community to identify / obtain feedback on venues/dates/needs
  • Help manage OpenMRS social media channels / Talk on matters pertaining to events
  • Plan and organize community events, including implementers meetings and showcases

  • Act as primary liaison for community events
  • Prepare and distribute event announcements and invitations
  • Maintain the wiki pages for all OpenMRS events
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