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At the 2010 Implementers Meeting in Cape Town, Paul Biondich announced the transition of OpenMRS into a non-profit organization. A vital element to establish the organization is to form the Board of Directors. The Board will provide guidance for the organization and ensure that we adhere to the mission, vision, and values of OpenMRS. One seat on the Board will always be filled by an elected individual from the OpenMRS implementer community. OpenMRS implementers are characterized by their involvement in the implementer community such as active participation in the mailing lists, meeting attendance, and direct implementation experience on the ground in health care settings. The elected individual will represent the community’s voice on the Board and in the future of the organization.

Responsibilities of the OpenMRS Board of Directors
  • Assure OpenMRS adheres to its mission, vision, and values
  • Determine and monitor the organization’s programs, services, and effectiveness
  • Hold the organization accountable to make its plans in advance
  • Ensure the organization creates a financial sustainability plan
  • Review and approve annual budgets
  • Support and review the performance of the executive director
  • Represent OpenMRS to the public for both collaborative opportunities and financial support
Additional Responsibilities of the Community Board Member
  • Represent the OpenMRS Implementer Community's perspective to the Board of Directors
  • Provide real-world experience of using OpenMRS in a production environment
  • Relay updates to the community summarizing Board discussions and support, such as summarizing Board discussions in a Talk post or at community meetings.
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