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The OpenMRS Advisory Council’s mission is to provide feedback to the OpenMRS Leadership Team, with the goal of helping the community successfully develop and implement its organizational strategy and goals.

Advisory Council Goals and Responsibilities

  1. Provide recommendations, feedback, guidance, advice, and critique for the creation and execution of the OpenMRS community’s annual operational plan,

  2. Provide external networking contacts that could support the OpenMRS community,

  3. Provide specific expertise that addresses the following areas: open source, resource-constrained implementation of Health IT, software engineering best practice, Health IT policy, and other domains relevant to OpenMRS, as well as the broad ecosystem of Health IT, and

  4. Provide innovative thinking and insights into the future of open source ecosystems as well as Health IT.

Advisory Council membership and organization

  1. The Advisory Council shall be a permanent consultative and adjunct part of the OpenMRS community, and works at the request of the OpenMRS Leadership Team.

  2. The Advisory Council shall self-appoint a leader on a rotating term to be determined.

  3. The Advisory Council should include individuals that represent critical areas of expertise that are relevant to the OpenMRS community, and that are representative of the OpenMRS community’s commitment to diversity.

  4. Members shall initially be appointed for a two-year term and can be renewed as appropriate; the Advisory Council can recommend the terms and appointment and reappointment process once the Council is established. These recommendations will be approved by the OpenMRS Leadership Team.


  1. The Council shall meet regularly for at least one hour every three months, and shall provide recommendations to the OpenMRS Leadership Team through:

    1. Direct feedback in meetings,

    2. Subgroups as relevant to the needs of the OpenMRS community,

    3. Written comments on OpenMRS Talk,

    4. Individual availability as needed to members of the OpenMRS Leadership Team for advice and organizational guidance, and

    5. Asynchronous information and interaction.

  2. The Advisory Council shall be responsible for developing a schedule for regular meetings, using the Advisory Council agenda developed by the OpenMRS Leadership Team as the basis for the meeting agenda, and working with the Advisory Council members as well as the OpenMRS Leadership Team as needed. One or more representative of the OpenMRS Leadership Team shall attend each regularly-scheduled Advisory Council meeting.

Decision Making Process

  1. The Advisory Council makes recommendations to the Leadership Team. There is, at this time, no anticipated decision making process.