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Who is this virtual bootcamp for?

Government leaders, program managers, and developers who manage or support OpenMRS distributions and are actively involved in associated development activities will gain from participating in this virtual bootcamp. Participation at this level does not require a technical background.

Bootcamp Goal

This course is designed to increase your technical capacity to collaboratively develop the OHRI package using OpenMRS 3.0 technologies.

Bootcamp Objectives

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to

  • Describe the technical components of the OpenMRS 3.0 Framework and OHRI package 

  • Promote collaborative development practices that reduce duplication of development effort

  • Discuss how to use the OpenMRS dictionary management tool to harmonize and maintain country concept dictionaries

  • Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of microfrontend technologies 

  • Promote the re-use of designs and components through the use of the OpenMRS 3.0 design system 

  • Compare and contrast commonly used OpenMRS form tools 

  • Outline the quality assurance tools and processes used to test OpenMRS products (Platform, 3.0 Framework, modules, OHRI package)


Register for this track, then start working your way through the bootcamp sessions. For each session that you successfully complete, you'll earn a 10-point token. If you have tokens for all required sessions, you'll receive a track badge.

How to Participate

The OpenMRS 3.0 | OHRI Fundamentals Bootcamp blends self-paced learning activities with virtual live sessions.  You can access bootcamp materials at any time - and complete them on your own and at your own pace. The schedule below includes links to the materials for each session.

If you are a registered participant, you will be expected to demonstrate active participation in the form of discussion thread posts, live discussion participation, or short quizzes. These discussions will assume that you have completed the self-paced session materials: we strongly recommend that you complete the self-paced webinars, videos, readings, and/or exercises prior to joining the live discussion and taking the quiz.

Interested in getting a badge for completing the bootcamp? You must register for this bootcamp, actively participate in the weekly discussions, and take the quizzes for each required session in order to earn a token for each session. If you have a token for each required session, you'll receive a bootcamp badge.

You will need:

  • An internet connection in order to access the materials and join the live discussions via Zoom
  • An OpenMRS ID to participate in online discussions on Talk. Don't have an OpenMRS ID? Click here to get one.

Click here to register.

2021 Schedule

September 6-12

September 13-19

September 20-26

September 27-October 3

October 4-10

October 11-17

October 18-21

Live OpenMRS 3.0 | OHRI Fundamentals Bootcamp Launch

September 7 at 2pm UTC

Live  Discussion re previous week’s topic

September 14 at 2pm UTC

Live Discussion re previous week’s topic

September 21 at 2pm UTC

Live Discussion re previous week’s topic 

September 28 at 2pm UTC

Live Discussion re previous week’s topic

October 5 at 2pm UTC

Live Discussion re previous week’s topic

October 12 at 2pm UTC

Live Discussion re previous week’s topic & After Action Review 

October 21 at 1pm UTC

OpenMRS 3.0 | OHRI Technical Overview

Meaningful Engagement 

Introduction to OpenMRS 3.0 Design System

Mid-Bootcamp Reflections

Building & Designing Forms

Collaborative Development Practices

Concept Management Tooling

Final Reflections

QA Framework & Tools

For more information

Want to know more about this bootcamp and how it fits in with other informatics and OpenMRS 3.0 | OHRI capacity building events?

Watch this video!

Have questions about this bootcamp? Please contact Jennifer Antilla or Christine Gichuki

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