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  • OMRS18 Lightning Talks
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  1. An opinionated approach to OpenMRS Customization for Large Scale Rollouts (Stephen Musoke)
  2. Prenatal care and delivery using OpenMRS (Ellen Ball)
  3. EHR User Interface Design: first principles, foundational components, and the future (Greg Schmidt)
  4. Leveraging a curated concept dictionary from CIEL (Andy Kanter)
  5. A call for collaboration on a customizable web application. (Burke Mamlin)
  6. A quick overview of a complete data system for TB (Ali Habib)
  7. Banda Go (Jeremy Ogembo)
  8. 2019 Implementer’s meeting in Nepal (Sanjay Poudel)
  9. Introduction to Bahmni Coalition (Angshuman Sarkar)
  10. mUzima SHR Feature (Omondi Owino)
  11. AMPATH experience using product managers to facilitate user requests and needs (Jessica Ruff)
  12. GSoC 2019 (Burke Mamlin)

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