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  • Sy Haas - OMRS core developer.
  • Zeshan - Regenstrief fellow.
  • Rowan - PIH Rwanda.
  • Nathaelf - ITEC Haiti. Physician.
  • Ali - IRD Karachi, Pakistan. Question: when is a module ready or useful to the public?
  • Seth - MVP Ghana.
  • Anton - Dimagi. From OpenRosa side.
  • Mamilia - Cell Life, joining Dimagi.
  • Tuwei - AMPATH Kenya.
  • - Zimbabwe.
  • - Rwanda.
  • - Datadyne.
  • - Mozambique.
  • - Nigeria.
  • Tom - D-Tree Tanzania.
  • Yaw - PhD Student at Uwash.
  • Wyclif - OpenMRS Core Dev.
  • - Baobab health.
  • Zack - PhD student UPitt + Baobab health.
  • - Baobab Health.
  • Jeramy - AMPATH Core Developer.


  • OpenMRS built as a database API.
  • Modules are able to override any feature of the UI, database API, and more.
  • Core OpenMRS gives you a fully functional system that installs a database, enter patients, observations, and concepts.
  • Most popular modules: HTML Form entry, Logic, XForms, Reporting.
  • Overview of some current modules and examples thereof: logic module (and why is logic a core module), messaging module.
  • OpenMRS in the future is moving away from core modules - it will instead provide a base that people can develop from.
  • Always put your code out - crap or not. Someone may see it and want to build it.
  • Invite people to this wiki page to add ideas for new modules.
  • Add link to the Hello World module here.
  • You can write a module knowing java and XML. There's one configuration file.
  • Module tutorials - Ben Wolfe has done a class on this.
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