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Follow this SOP to managing the bi-monthly calls with the OpenMRS Advisory Council.  The person in this role (the Director of Community) will coordinate the calls and manage the process to recording feedback and input from the AC members.

Step-by-step guide to Support OpenMRS Advisory Council

  1. Attend Advisory Council calls on the first Wednesday every 2 months @10am Eastern Time.
  2. Assist the Advisory Council Lead (Ben Wolfe) in facilitating preparation of call agendas
    1. Send email to the AC lead and the OpenMRS Director of Community (Jennifer Antilla) to coordinate what topics should be on agenda. Send agendas out on Talk preferably at least 1 week prior to call.
  3. Create an OpenMRS etherpad note page prior to the call and incorporate the agenda in the notes; make sure to use the same naming convention used on previous calls (ex.
  4. Post agendas and any other communications to the OpenMRS Advisory Council Talk category; make sure to include call in details so all community members know how they can attend (ex. last meetings announcement)
  5. The Director of Community will coordinate the  meeting agendas and maintain the calendar invitation for these meetings. (FYI: Invites include Advisory Council members and Leadership Team members)
  6. Make sure the Advisory Council calls are showing up on the OpenMRS Events wiki page
  7. Support collaborative note taking during the AC call using the etherpad notes
  8. Follow up on any next steps/todos that are identified during the call
  9. Be the owner and maintainer of the Advisory Council group in Talk and on the OpenMRS wiki