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This page should try to answer any questions module authors might have about MPL 2.0 + Health-Related Additional Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Do I have to use the same licensing for my module?

No.  While we encourage the use of the same license (MPL 2.0 + Health-Related Additional Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability) for simplicity and convenience to people that may use your module, there is no requirement to use the same license.  You can choose a different license and even make your module closed-source and/or commercial if you choose.  OpenMRS is and will always remain open and freely available to the world; what you choose to do with your module is up to you.

How do I convert my module to MPL 2.0 + Disclaimer?

We have created a script that will convert your code.

What types of open source licenses are available?

See the Open Source Initiative ( for a list of open source licenses.  Wikipedia has a nice comparison of free and open source licenses as well.

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