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These are training materials and resources for learning and teaching Htmlform entry for OpenMRS:

Reference guide:

Form bank:

Flowsheet:  HtmlFormFlowsheet Module 

Flowsheet (video):

Training materials:

JavaScript examples:

University call (1 hour)

This presentation covers the basics of using htmlform entry, advantages of this entry method, and some advanced topics.  The presentation can be covered within 1 hour including some Q&As.  It was presented on May 2014.  These are 2 formats for the same presentation.

html and htmlforms workshop

A htmlform implementers training class was offered on September 14th and 15th, 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa to Millennium Villages project employees. This was part of a 3 day OpenMRS implementer training organized by Andrew Kanter.  The presentation is meant for students with some knowledge of OpenMRS basics and concepts.  It could be done with or without the labs.  The full training could take 1 full day, especially if the students participate in the lab exercises.

htmlform training and labs (2010): htmlform implementers training

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