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Google Summer of Code Administrators make OpenMRS' participation in GSoC possible. They do more than simply respond to Google's requests for applications and evaluations: they rally the community and make sure that new contributors know what to do and where to go. GSoC Admins are matchmakers, connecting potential contributors with projects and mentors, then making sure everything is running smoothly. They keep the pulse of all of our GSoC projects


Project Ideas + Proposal Development 

We want to have a strong set of high value project ideas that we can flesh out and structure in a way that leads to a successful GsoC project experience

  • Reach out to the community to generate project ideas
  • Work with individuals/squads to develop project proposals
  • Provide and maintain an adequate list of project and task ideas on the OpenMRS Wiki

Mentor Relationships and Support

We want capable mentors who can help develop strong project proposals and guide contributors as they work on their projects.

  • Select and invite trusted, capable, and qualified mentors
  • Oversee activity of all mentors and contributors ensuring responsibilities are being met
  • Frame org participation, mentor requirements, failure process, and procedure
  • Communicate mentor expectations before the program starts
  • Communicate contributor selection, continued participation, and dismissal policy
    • Provide selection criteria for slot allocations
    • Describe how Participant Agreement violations and failure will be handled
  • Continuously evaluate mentor interaction with contributors
    • Recognize conflicts of interest, interpersonal issues, and replace as necessary
  • Let mentors know when more project ideas are needed
  • Maintain regular communication with mentors before and during the program
  • Ensure adequate and appropriate mentoring coverage, particularly near holidays

Contributor Onboarding, Bonding, and Support

We want new contributors to have a fantastic experience with our community who will be motivated to become long-term, active contributors, after GSoC is over.

  • Oversee activity of all mentors and contributors, ensuring responsibilities are being met
  • Let contributors know how, when, and why to contact the org admin
  • Ensure contributors are introduced and become appropriately integrated
  • Communicate org-specific requirements (e.g., time, coding, communication, licensing)
  • Communicate org-specific expectations (e.g., behavior, best practices, visibility)
  • Communicate deadlines, acceptance criteria, and failure/dismissal policy
  • Monitor communications and ensure inappropriate behavior is addressed
  • Ensure students at risk of failure or dismissal are notified in advance


We want to share our GSoC story and how it’s helping new contributors, our community, and the ecosystem achieve our shared goals.

  • Write and publish routine blog posts on the OpenMRS website
  • Interview previous GSoC contributors who have become part of our community
  • Recognize successful GSoC projects & contributors at OpenMRS meetings

Monitoring & Evaluation

We want to track program and contributor progress, with the aim of achieving our objectives and improving the program along the way.

  • Make sure the proposal drafts are reviewed on-time before the proposal deadline

Google Administration

We want to be a good partner with Google

  • Frame org participation, org selection criteria, and org-specific operating procedures
  • Submit the org application and be the org’s representative
  • Serve as communication liaison with Google
    • Respond to any inquiries from Google within 36 hours
    • Report Participant Agreement violations (e.g., harassment, plagiarism, fraud)
    • Report student withdrawal
  • Ensure all deadlines are met (e.g., slot requests, mentor evaluations, org payment account creation)
  • Respond to Google's survey post GSoC (with questions around student retention, etc.)

Skills Needed

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